welcome to animalquestions  you can ask any questions about animals i will have a page about every animal  info

week 1.the kitten will eat and sleep by its mothers side ,the kittens eyes are shut close for the first week .

week 2. his eyes will begin to open all kittens eyes will be blue at this age there vision will be blured at first and the kittens sense of smell is developing baby teeth will start growing 

week 3. the kitten will hear clearly now he will start to socialize with his  surroundings.

week 4.his sense of smell has developed baby teeth will start to show he will try to learn to walk

week 5. kitten can be introduced to canned food products kittens can learn there liter box trainings or you can teach it to go outside.

week 6.the kitten will now start to socialize it is a great time to give them away so they can be used to there new owners.

week 7 . the kitten will be used to the habiat around you  and will learn new tricks .



a  cat will begin to mate around 5 months to 12 months  ,the female cat will be in heat where she is looking for a male . she will meow to male cat and they will mate ,for the female cat  mating it is painful

4 signs shes pregnamt

1.her nipples will swell up and be rosy

2.she will eat double

3. she will look for a place to have the babies

4. she will look for your company so be with her  and be with  her



a box or a basket is a cuddle place to give birth , be close to her she wil need company if your cat is pregment and you havent seen her in a while look under the bed somewhere dark and warm outsie is also an option for cats but not  a good one. 

the  cat will want to be close by you  it could take her a hour or more to give birth if any promblems call or got to the vet , when the babies are born she will lick them and make them comftrable.cats can have up to 13 babies my  cats can have up to 6 kittens  

care for kittens

when they are young they are very small  make sure you hold them in your palm for a minute  when you take the kittens away from the mother she will search for them,the mother might have an emergancy she may not have milk something like this happend to my cat bella this happend once to her i found the kitten lying all  cold and barely moving so i warmed him warmed the milk and fed him i had to do this until my cats milk came back.One way you can tell her milk is gone her nipples are pale but make sure you put the kittens somewhere dark and cozy mother cats dont like having people stare at her....

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